Ft. Lauderdale: Sawgrass Recreation Park

Kategorie: Sights / Facts

As of June 2011

Once you are in Florida and near the Everglades taking an airboat ride is a must. Sawgrass Recreation Park had been recommended.

Their brochure gives *General Information: Feel the excitement and learn the history of Florida´s most remarkable treasure, the Everglades. Our family owned and operated business offers unparalleled customer service. Our uncovered airboats ensure you a complete panoramic view. Renew your spirit as you slide across miles of river at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. Get up close and personal with native wildlife, many of whom are endangered in this fragile environment. This once in a lifetime adventure will create lasting memories as you discover the secrets of this untamed wilderness the Seminole Indians called home.*

So far this was exactly what the show was about. The airboat had a capacity for about 30 to 40 passengers. Everybody was provided with earplugs and after a short briefing off we went. Smooth and slow. Then we picked up speed and slid across the water and in and across the grass. We glimpsed a multitude of herons and some alligators. It was just beautiful. What an amazing nature! Our tour guide was great and able to point out the animals and talk about the wildlife.

“Let your spirit soar as you view nature at its finest.” That is what I did.

After a 30-minute ride we returned and went off to the exhibit area. The brochure highly recommends this. It speaks of *friendly turtles* and *playful critters* and invites guests to also visit the SwampYard Exhibit.

But the entire exhibit shook me to the core as most of the animals were in cages much too small for their size. Those *playful critters* seemed to be too apathetically to even look at their visitors. Some cages were dirty and smelled. This was so sad and I doubt that keeping animals like that is according to the respective law.

My recommendation:

Airboat ride: YES
Animal Exhibit: Definitely NO and NEVER again.