Ft. Lauderdale: Butterfly World

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As of June 2011

If you really want to spend a very special day in Ft. Lauderdale take your time and head out to Butterfly World, the magic place of those wonderful and extraordinary creatures.

The Story of Butterfly World

“It could be said that Butterfly World is the result of one man´s hobby gone wild. In fact, that is exactly the way Ronald Boender, founder and managing partner, describes it daily as he presides over the ten acres of aviaries and botanical gardens, the butterfly farm and research facility that make up the attraction.

Born of Dutch immigrants, he grew up in Illinois and has always had a fascination with butterflies, beginning with the cabbage whites, black swallowtails and silk moths he found while growing up on his father´s farm.

Boender moved to Florida in 1968, and after completing a successful career as an electrical engineer, decided to actively pursue his interest in butterflies. He began by raising local butterflies and butterfly food plants in small numbers at his home, carefully observing and recording data on the many behaviors of each species.

Finding that there was a real need for farmed butterflies for sale to universities and zoos, Boender established MetaScience Co. in 1984. Having only a laboratory and a single aviary, the staff at MetaScience produced up to 1000 pupa per week, and established methods of butterfly rearing that are still in use at Butterfly World.

[…] Boender´s dream was finally realized on March 28, 1988, when Butterfly World opened its doors for the first time. In the years that have followed, the park has expanded to include the country´s largest free-flight hummingbird aviary, a lorikeet encounter, and along with them, a skilled aviculture care and research staff to support these endeavors.” (By Butterfly World)

Once you enter the Butterfly World you will receive a flyer with useful information and details how to perfectly enjoy the grounds in front of you:

“Welcome to spectacular Butterfly World, where you can spend a day in paradise!

Paradise … there´s no better way to describe exotic Butterfly World, a tropical getaway where the scent of fragrant tropical flowers and the fluttering of live butterflies offer a feast for the senses. This unique attraction provides guests with an opportunity to walk among thousands of butterflies in their natural habitat, witness their life cycle firsthand and bask in the beauty of lush gardens.

Six giant screened aviaries serve as a sanctuary for thousands of butterflies from five continents. Each contains waterfalls, ponds brimming with colorful fish, a flowering basket walk, cases of pupae with newly emerging butterflies and delicate orchids. To make your visit more enjoyable, you will find tour guides in the gardens to help you with information and any questions that you might have.

Inside the Paradise Adventure Aviary, butterflies from all around the world fly, feed and bask in the sun. But the adventure really begins in the Laboratory, where butterfly eggs and larva can be observed in different stages of growth.

The Jewels of the Sky Hummingbird Aviary is the home to hummingbirds from Peru, Surinam and the United States. Access to hummingbird Aviary means crossing the Tinalandia Suspension Bridge, a replica of a bridge spanning the Toachi River in Western Ecuador. This cable-strung bridge is about 100 feet long and undulates as guests cross it.

Enter a world of fantasy in the Secret Garden, a maze-like structure housing one of the largest collections of flowering passion vines in the world as well as the Wings of the World Aviary. The nearby Garden Gazebo offers the relaxing sounds of classical music and water as it cascades over a bridal fountain.

Explore your way through the Live Bug Zoo and chat away with the Macaws at Macaw Landing. Meet the friendly clowns of the bird world in the Lorikeet Encounter, visit the Butterfly Gardening Plant Shop, enjoy a snack at the Butterfly Café and browse through the Caterpillar Canopy Gift Shop.” (By Butterfly World)

It is so easy to spend hours and hours at Butterfly World as you gaze at those little creatures fluttering before you. Like diamonds in the sky. And those tiny hummingbirds. All the other colorful birds. This is just so amazing. Photographs can not the least reveal what you are about to encounter. Be prepared for the multitude of wonders that Mother Nature is about to present to you.

*… What a wonderful world this can be …*

Please visit: http://www.butterflyworld.com