Delta Air Lines – May 2011

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28.05.2011 – DUS-ATL, DL 25, B767-300 ER (2-3-2), seats 25 G/F – Flight time: 9.5 hours
Again we chose Delta Air Lines as our favorite airline to get to the States. Check-in at the counter in Duesseldorf went easily and in a highly professional way. Unfortunately we could not secure Exit Seats for this long flight.

Flight attendants were extremely friendly and helpful. Meals were simple but ok.

As mentioned in my last report already the aircraft again “[…] seemed to be a bit of age as no video screens were installed in the seats, so no music or video on demand was available. Screens in the aisle area were a bit small. It was possible to view the plane´s travel but it seemed to be quite exhausting to watch a movie.” The seats, although they were all leather seats, were quite worn and over-used and could be moved back and forth. Leg space was not really comfortable. I found out that the leg space on the flight from Atlanta to Ft. Lauderdale and afterwards from Ft. Myers back to Atlanta was much more convenient than that on the international flights, which I really do not understand.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Immigration took some time, but was carried out very professionally. Our bags were already waiting for us. At the information counter we found out where to find the Baggage Drop for the next flight. The security check went smooth and easy. After that we took the train to Terminal A.

28.05.2011 –ATL-FLL, DL 2027, B757-300 (3-3), seats 46 E/F – Flight time: 1.5 hours
This flight was full – just full – and we had to wait a while until everyone was seated. A lot of carry-on had to be moved and stowed and moved again. But finally we took off. Service on board was very good and the entire crew extremely friendly and helpful.

Soft drinks, coffee and tea, pretzels and nuts were offered at no charge, whereas alcoholic beverages and other snacks had to be paid for.

The Inflight Entertainment was shown via screens, which were mounted underneath the overhead compartments, so again no video or music on demand.

The seats –once again- were worn and due to this fact not very comfortable.

Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Arriving in Ft. Lauderdale from Germany via Atlanta was easy, as we only had to pick up our luggage from the previously assigned carousel. Then we were ready to board the shuttle to the Rental Car Center which is a bit further away from the airport (Report on Alamo Rent-a-Car).


25.06.2011 – RSW-ATL, DL 1068, MD 88, 3-2, seats 26 D/E
The Southwest Florida International Airport (Ft. Myers) is a small and quite cozy airport, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. Checking-In was easy so we had enough time to stroll around and have a look at the different displays of art (photographs, sculptures and paintings).

Flying to Atlanta only took about an hour. The aircraft was comfortable, service on board was good, this was an easy flight. Baggage had been checked straight through to Duesseldorf.

25.06.2011 – ATL-DUS, DL 24, 767-300 ER(G), 2-3-2, seats 37 G/F
Unfortunately we were not able to confirm exit seats. Our seats were all the way to the back in the last-but-one row. Leg room was not much, so the flight did not turn out to be as comfortable as we would have liked it, although we were able to sleep a couple of hours. Again, I do not understand why the aircrafts on international / long-haul flights are less comfortable than on domestic flights. Finally we landed on time in Duesseldorf.