South Africa: Umkwali Tented Bush Camp

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As of March 2007

Vision Africa Wildlife: The Cheetah Experience

An exclusive opportunity to witness an African drama like no other. Spend two days tracking cheetah on foot, following them as they live out their natural lives. Hunt with the world´s fastest land mammal, hiding as they stalk, keeping low until they start the final charge.

The day will start shortly before sunrise as we head out to locate the cheetahs. They are fitted with radio transmitters which we use to monitor the cheetah´s position for their own safety/ research purposes. As we approach the radio signal from their transmitters will become louder until we are within meters of them. Once we are within sight of the cheetah we will observe them as few others have ever done before.

The tracking safaris are a focused, in-depth experience which will stay with you for many years after. We conduct them with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism to ensure the cheetah´s well being and our guest´s safety.

The photographic opportunities are excellent, presenting the photographer with many interesting and unique situations to capture on film. Cheetahs are regular hunters and there is a very good chance that you will be able to witness this most natural event first hand.

Umkwali Tented Bush Camp was founded under a tall KnobThorn thicket on a 18.000 acre private game ranch in the Limpopo Province in South Africa, close to the Botswana border and to Alldays, a small town about 150 km east of Polokwane.

The camp has four tents, each set on a wooden deck with an en-suite, open-air bathroom. It was designed and hand built to bring our guests as close to Africa as possible without compromising safety and comfort. Upon dawn the camp is lit by fire light and parrafine lanterns which seem to amplify the night sounds of Africa as guests relax and enjoy the evening, while dinner is served under the stars. All meals are lovingly prepared and a mix of African and international cuisine.

Breakfast is often prepared at different locations in the bush after a morning tracking the cheetah.

By limiting the number of guests in camp, all our guests are assured a personal experience which, together with the cheetah tracking on foot, cannot be found anywhere else.

Umkwali has a rustic charm which encourages an atmosphere of laid back relaxation … the way Africa was meant to be experienced.

Vision Africa Wildlife and Conservation is committed to the conservation of our land and its wildlife. We are continually pioneering new concepts in wildlife conservation and are actively involved in many relocation projects. As part of our approach to conservation, we are investigating different ways in which technology can help us achieve our goals. We are also promoting conservation in our local communities by starting community based education programs for schools etc.

Our new research department will focus on gathering valuable information on the predators inhabiting our reserve as well as the surrounding areas. This information will help us to better understand these predators thereby aiding their conservation. We are using radio transmitters to assist us in monitoring certain target species. We use the data to prove the impact the local predators actually have on the area.

Active Conservation Adventures invites guests to join us on selected „dart and collar“ or other research/relocation projects. By participating in one of these projects, guests will not only be part of a truly rewarding experience but will also directly contribute to the success of that specific project by providing much needed funding for the project.

Different projects will become available if and when the need arises. Projects available at present include:

* hyena dart and collar project
* leopard dart and collar project
* buffalo dart and collar project
* rhino relocation

Our volunteer programme invites anyone interested in assisting our conservation effort to join us for a four week period or longer. Each volunteer will be trained for a period of one week and then be assigned to a specific tracking and monitoring project. It will then be the volunteer´s work to find and monitor the specific animal (i.e. cheetah, leopard, hyena) everyday.

The volunteer program helps young people to properly understand what life is in Africa. Volunteers will be part of wildlife conservation and experience all the different aspects of it. It is a real experience and highly recommended.

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